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Furby 2.0  
10:21pm 07/06/2014
In the year of 2012, Hasbro's beloved and most popular toys are back for the new generation! That's right Ladies and Gentlemen, FURBY are back for 2012 with two different Generation and brand new colours and features.

FURBY Behind The Scenes!Collapse )
tags: 2012, furby, hasbro
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Bratzillaz Switch-A-Witch! Doll Set  
08:43pm 04/02/2013
Went to my local Wal*Mart store this morning, hoping to snatch 2 Fianna Fins, but sadly she wasn't available yet. But they did have something new and exciting for all Bratzillaz fans, collectors and lovers; the Bratzillaz Swtich-A-Witch! doll set.

Bratzillaz Witches Behind The Scene!Collapse )
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Writer's Block: A rose by any other name ...  
12:39am 28/04/2010
How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

It was way back in the year of 2002. I was shopping at my local Zellers store and browsing through the Toy Land. There I saw 4 original, beautiful and wonderful dolls by the names of SASHA, JADE, CLOE and Yasmin, also known as the BRATZ Pack. I picked up Sasha and fell in love with the doll and its name. Then I came back home and decided to create a Live Journal account and used the doll's name as my LJ user name.
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Moxie Girlz Bria  
05:54pm 31/12/2009
Just came back from a small shopping spree at my local Wal*Mart store and guess who came home with me tonight?:

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LIV World Daniela  
07:22pm 12/10/2009
Went to a local Zellers store and bought my second(2nd) LIV World! It's Daniela, the Hispanic Girl of the Gang. I love everything about this Rock Chick!:

Two More To Go!Collapse )
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Good Bye BRATZ...Hello LIV World!  
11:16am 31/08/2009
The day has finally came, I'm over with BRATZ. My newest passions are the newest doll brand: LIV World by Spin Master. I'm still a huge BRATZ collector, fan and lover. But I'm now opening my heart to LIV and just recently(about two weeks ago) purchased my very first LIV World doll.:

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Moxie Girlz Jammaz Sasha  
06:26pm 18/07/2009
Well, we Canadians have finally receive the Moxie Girlz dolls from MGA Entertainment. These beautiful, innocent, adorable and sweet dolls have finally arrived at Wal*Mart.:

Click Here To See The Final Product!Collapse )
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Two NEW Sasha dolls on eBay!  
07:44am 11/01/2009
Oh My God! I love all the new Bratz Sasha dolls that MGA Entertainment is releasing this year. I love Bratz Magic Hair Grow & Cut! and Bratz Pampered Petz! 3rd Edition Sasha. Some of you might already knew about these, so did I. But, I don't care! They are SASHA!

New Sasha!Collapse )
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I'm So Freaking Happy! The Bratz Are Here For 2009!  
04:12pm 31/12/2008
yes! MGA Entertainment is allowed to produce and sell their wonderful, beautiful and original BRATZ dolls, until the end of the year 2009! That means, I can treat myself to more BRATZ dolls from Toys R Us, Wal*Mart and Zellers!

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Bratz Designed By You!: Emanuelle  
08:11pm 30/10/2008
Durant the summer and spring of 2008, MGA Entertainment Canada with the proud partnership of HBC, have launched the very first "Designed By You Bratz!" contest.

And here is the "doll" of the very first Canadian "Designed By You! Bratz" Winner Constest "doll", "Emanuelle":

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